status line problem with telnet

status line problem with telnet

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I am using RedHat 7.1 on a pentium box.  I am doing software development on a VAX/VMS box.  The VAX only has vt420 (or some similar version) terminals hooked to it.

I mount the nfs shares from the VAX to edit code, then telnet into it to compile and test the code.

The problem is that there is a status line that is not displayed correctly (at the top in big fat chars, not at the bottom in normal size).  If I telnet from windows, or use the program KEA! the status line is displayed correctly.

How do I fix this problem?  Am I using the wrong terminal definition with my shell, a bad character set?  I am lost.  I don't want to write code from a telnet using the * VAX editor, though it is better than vi.



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