ProFTP Help !!! Please !!!

ProFTP Help !!! Please !!!

Post by El Che Viv » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 05:04:20

I have tried to configure ProFTP to allow a FTP access to anly one
USER. Somone can help me to give me an example or tell me
where are my mistakes in my config file ??

AllowStoreRestart               on
Umask                           022
MaxInstances                    30
PersistentPasswd                off

ServerName                      "SirenaCorp FTPserver on Melkor"
MaxClients                      2
MaxLoginAttempts                2
DeferWelcome                    on
DefaultRoot                     /var/www/html
User                            zerocool
Group                           zerocool
AllowOverwrite                  yes

<Directory /var/www/html/*>
  <Limit ALL>
    Deny from all
    AllowUser zerocool



ProFTP Help !!! Please !!!

Post by Georg Armbruste » Sat, 05 Apr 2003 22:06:31

There may be more elegant solutions, but
this is one which should work...

This allows access to the user ftp, which
has to authenticate when logging in using
his password...

Hope this helps...
and don't fear the penguins :))


? <Limit LOGIN>
??? DenyAll
? </Limit>

? <Anonymous /home/ftp>

??? User??????? ftp
??? Group?????? ftp
#??? UserAlias????????? anonymous ftp
??? AnonRequirePassword? on

??? <Limit LOGIN>
????? AllowAll
??? </Limit>

??? <Limit WRITE>
????? DenyAll
??? </Limit>

??? <Directory incoming>
????? <Limit WRITE>
??????? AllowAll
????? </Limit>
??? </Directory>

? </Anonymous>


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