how many www boxes run Linux?

how many www boxes run Linux?

Post by Robin Parma » Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone have statistics for what percentage of web server boxes are
running Linux? Seems that a simple spider could sample the web and return
this info.

FYI, web server software statistics are available at

the lesser evil


1. Running 2 terminals thru a Linux box to a UNIX box...

The Problem...

We're running a UNIX box at work, which controls all the internal stuff
as well as the various outlets (on terminals) around the city via modem
lines. We want to put more than one terminal (and a couple of printers)
in larger stores, all connected to the box...

The Question...
We've been told we can multiplex the modem line to get the terminals to
run on one line, but those of us thinking a little laterally thought of
putting a Linux box into the store which which could effectively double
as a second server and a terminal thru which all the other terminals and
printers could be connected to the original box.

Is this a viable situation, or are we just dreaming??? - and if it
sounds reasonable, where could we get info on going about our business?

Thanks for taking the time to wade thru all that!

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