fsck -A -V -a only checks /dev/hdb* (but not hda*, hdc*)

fsck -A -V -a only checks /dev/hdb* (but not hda*, hdc*)

Post by Mark Hea » Sat, 27 Sep 1997 04:00:00

: statements in my sysinit file, the correction are not stored for the
: next system startup (even though they are applied for the current
: session.

: What am I doing wrong?

Have you included the file systems in /etc/fstab ?
with (i think) the 1 1 on the end ?

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hi folks,
I have setup a sofeware raid-1 on my linux box,
   hda1+hdb1 -> md0  (/)
   hda5+hdb5 -> md1  (/home)

because hda and hdb are on same IDE controller, the preformance is really bad.

what is the correct procedure to transfer hdb to hdc ?

if I
put the hdb hardisk to hdc and restart the box
than mdadm --assemable /dev/md0 /dev/hdc1
and edit the lilo.conf and raidtab to match the setting
and reboot again.

is it the right way to make better performance with all data safe ?

Thank you very much

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