Question with DNS - CNAME errors

Question with DNS - CNAME errors

Post by hochstei.. » Wed, 26 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I get the following errors on my domain name server quite frequently.  
I was wandering if I am supposed to be receiving so many CNAME errors.
The name server works fine and don't seem to have any other problems
with it other than the excess spam in the messages log.  If anyone has
any idea why CNAME errors would creep up (bad configuration.?.) please
let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Mike Hochstein

Examples of errors:
Feb 25 10:49:19 dns named[59]: " IN NS" points to a CNAME (DNS1.DRAKE.EDU)
Feb 25 10:49:19 dns named[59]: " IN NS" points to a CNAME (
Feb 25 10:49:28 dns named[59]: " IN NS" points to a CNAME (
Feb 25 10:54:24 dns named[59]: "92.147.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN NS" points to a CNAME (ns


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I'm in the process of setting up a DNS server on an AIX box. It has been a
while since I've done this so I first started reading the man pages. A lot
of things have changed and I still have to figure out what I need and what I
don't need. Maybe it's time to buy a new book on DNS and BIND. The one I
have from O'Reilly isn't up to date anymore.

One thing I noticed was that duplicate CNAME entries for a bunch of  hosts ,
BY DEFAULT, isn't supported anymore. Now we use this a lot in order to have
load balancing over multiple systems.

Since they don't support it anymore by default, I'm wondering what they use
now. I can't believe that they removed this functionality without having a
replacement for this .

Anyone out there which can share his experience on this matter.



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