Informix SE 5.0 sqlexec segment faults

Informix SE 5.0 sqlexec segment faults

Post by Dave Madison (nopho » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> Last night I upgraded my Informix software to the 10/93 versions of I4GL, RDS,
> and SE 5.0.  After rebooting (out of PC habit, I guess!) I tried to run
> DBAccess, and the familiar "408:  Invalid message type received from the
> sqlexec process" appeared.  I dug up the email that you sent when this problem
> occurred before, and the recommendation (from usenet news) was to set up the
> /shlib directory, which we both did before, solving the problem.  Do you have
> any idea why this might be happening again?

What we found out was that the sqlexec program that gets called by i4GL and
dbaccess segment faults or core dumps.

We are running with iBCS2 and it is installed.  Any Ideas?


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