How to configure RedHat 4.1 into a Print Server??

How to configure RedHat 4.1 into a Print Server??

Post by Chua Beng H » Sat, 07 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I wanted to use Linux as a print server in a network of Win95 computers. I'm
having RedHat 4.1 and wish to configure it to be a print server, but does
not have the slightest idea on how to do it.

Anyone out there with a good example?? Please email to me your solutions and

Thanks in advance.

p/s : I'm using TCP/IP.


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Going hunting through the FAQs, but thought I'd ask here for

Got a mini network of sorts setup using 10base2 (thin coax) that's mainly
used for playing games and passing (big) files. Looking at investing in
a print server box to get rid of the switch box. No, don't want one of
those auto-switchers either.

Anybody have this kind of setup? Care to share any setup tips?

Nope, no dedicated server. Just peer-to-peer.

Looked at Linksys's Pocket Print Server. Supports Win95, NT, and
   WFW using NetBEUI & Novell using IPX/SPX.
Seen another one (name escapes me) that says it also supports
  Unix. Would I be better off to try this one?

Currently running RH 4.1, possibly going to RH 4.2 sometime.

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