A question from a Linux beginner (please help!)

A question from a Linux beginner (please help!)

Post by Richard Mundel » Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am about to install Linux on my Pentium 90, 16mb ram, 1gb Western
Digital HD, Mitsumi Quad Speed CDROM.

I want partition the last 200mb of the drive to run Linux.

Could someone send me a really simple guide to installing Linux (with
this configuration) from the Linux CDROM or point me in the direction of
a 'Installing Linux for complete thickees' FAQ?

eMail replies appreciated.

Richard Mundell


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1. beginner with PowerPC 405 question, please help!!

Hi everyone,
    I am currently using the Embedded Planet's EP405 developmental board
with TimeSys Linux distrubution.
I was wondering have any one use this board and TimeSys Linux?  Because I
have encounter a problem while I
try to install the TimeSys Linux to the developmental board.

Host:  AMD Athlon 1G Hz
          256 DDR SDRAM 266 MHz
          RedHat Linux 7.2
          Kernel Version 2.14.19 stable

Borad:  Embedded Planet EP405
            IBM PowerPC 405 GP
            32 SDRAM

Problme:  The following steps were what I did to encounter the problem
1. set up minicom in serial port com 1 to the EP405 board with 9600 burd
rate and 8N1.
2. upload the kernel through Ethernet connection with tftp.
3. type go and hit enter (return) key, in minicom promt, which should
decompress and install the kernel,
but the problem appears, all the messages become unreadable characters and
after a while it hangs, it does not
response to any key.  Then even after press RESET botton on the EP405 board,
the welcome messages in the minicom
become unreadable characters also.

Have anyone encounter this type of problem before?  or you have any
suggestion go about solve this problem, please help me.

Thank you very much in advance!!

Shih-Ying Chou


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