problem reading burned multisession cds

problem reading burned multisession cds

Post by fia.. » Sat, 29 Apr 2000 04:00:00

 I seem to have problems getting linux to read burned
multisession cds.  I used mkisofs and cdrecord to
burn the cds.  I used the following to test:
  for the first session
     mkisofs -v -R -Joliet -o image.iso
     followed by
     cdrecord -v -multi speed=4 dev=0,0
              -data image.iso
   for the following session
     mkisofs -v -R -Joliet -C xx,xx -M 0,0
             -o image.iso second/=/usr/sufian/Desktop
     followed by
     cdrecord -v -multi speed=4 dev=0,0
              -data image.iso
                    where XX,XX is the output got
                    from cdrecord -msinfo
The burning process went OK but when I listed the
contents on /mnt/cdrom, it appears that nothing is on
the CD. So, I tried on Win98 to check the contents of
the CD and the files are all there.
Any ideas on this?  Are the commands used to burn
the CD correct?
By the way, I have an ATAPI cdrw and am using the
idescsi thing. Any help given is deeply appreciated.

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1. Please help -- error in burning or reading burned CD

Hi there:

  I have a new 36x12x48 CD-RW and I am still using FreeBSD 4.6. I haven't
  upgraded to 5.x yet because I have collected about 80 Gigabytes of stuff
  that I want to burn to CDs first. I have a P4 machine, 2 GHz, and 1G of
  memory. And here is an apparent problem.

  (1) When the burning is about 14%, there seems to be brief halt in the
  burning process (because burncd doesn't increase in the number of
  kilobytes burned) and then there is a noise of rapid spinning of the
  CD-RW, and then the rest of the burning seems okay.

  (2) After I burned a CD, there is an error in reading the CD from the
  CD-RW, and it says "error READ_BIG: ... MEDIUM ... 0x11 ..." or something
  similar. I am unable to use "diff" command to compare the original
  directory to those I burned onto the CD. But when I randomly check files
  on the CD from my W2K-DVD drive, I am unable to find any apparent error
  (yet), and I can read all the files I randomly selected to check. This
  happens to every disk I burned.

  Could someone please tell me what is going on, or have you experienced
  similar problem?

  Thank you very much.


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