sendmail-rhcn-8.9.2-2 RPM and SRPM for Red Hat 5.1 and 5.2

sendmail-rhcn-8.9.2-2 RPM and SRPM for Red Hat 5.1 and 5.2

Post by James Bour » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

We have posted the i386.rpm, src.rpm, and patches on our WWW site at for sendmail-8.9.2-2.  These
should work on Redhat 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 but were compiled under Redhat 5.1

Here is information on the package:
bash# rpm -qi sendmail-rhcn
Name        : sendmail-rhcn            Distribution: Red Hat Contrib|Net
Version     : 8.9.2                    Vendor: Affinity Systems Inc.
Release     : 2                        Build Date: Thu Jan  7 11:52:42 1999
Install date: Thu Jan  7 11:55:32 1999 Build Host:
Group       : Daemons               Source RPM: sendmail-rhcn-8.9.2-2.src.rpm
Size        : 2256323

URL         :
Summary     : sendmail mail transport agent
Description :
Sendmail is a Mail Transport Agent, which is the program
that moves mail from one machine to another.  Sendmail implements a
general internetwork mail routing facility, featuring aliasing and
forwarding, automatic routing to network gateways, and flexible

If you need the ability to send and receive mail via the internet
you'll need sendmail.
and the changelog:

cafe:bash# rpm -q --changelog sendmail-rhcn

- backed out the apache accept patch as accept is handled differently and
(according to the release info) this should fix the DOS attack resulting for    
sendmail sleeping for 5 seconds after a bad accept.  This release includes
the patch for mime buffer overflows as well.  If it still causes problems
due to the accept handling we will merge the apache accept patch back in.

- changed install script of spec file to create /var/spool/mqueue and
.hoststat with mail ownerships and mode 700.  This is wanted and needed if
people set the RunAsUser in to the default mail user (mail
8:12) which is much safer then running sendmail as user root.  This should
help with certain security concerns.  

- modified the default to set RunAsUser to mail.  Change this if
needed to a different UID.  Also changed DefaultUser to an equal number, now
it is 8:12 (these are redhat 5.1 default uid/gid for user mail).

- dropped MaxDaemonChildren down to 40 in the default  This
should help wee ppp sites like ours as they may not be able to handle 80
children that easily...  Bump this value up in the file
/usr/doc/sendmail-8.X.X/cf/cf/ and remake with M4 to change it.

- mail spool directory (/var/spool/mail) changed to root.root mode 1777.
This is for local delivery with procmail, and mail pickup with some pop
servers such as cucipop.  In these cases, the spool file is locked, copied
to a lock file (for pop), and then read etc all the while running as that
user instead of a privledged account.  Mail boxes can then be kept mode 600.

- changed ownership of /etc/aliases to be mail mode 644 as to do
AutoRebuilds this file must be writable by the sendmail daemon running as
user mail.

- tightened permissions on suid files /usr/libexec/mail.local and
/usr/sbin/sendmail to 4511

- Updated to sendmail-8.9.2 and rebuilt RPM.

- Applied sendmail-8.9.1a patch which fixes mime buffer overflows in some
        mail clients

- Fixed typos in access file
- Added CW file
- Fixed aliases file

- Added accept patch.  This uses the accept errno handling from apache
        1.2.6 which I'm told is good.



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