Postscript Printing Problems

Postscript Printing Problems

Post by John C. Mai » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00


I am having problems printing postscript 2 pages per
sheet of paper.

I have tried using mpage and nenscript with the number
of pages per sheet set to 2, and piping that to gs.

My printer is an Epson ActionLaser 1100 (which emulates
a HP LaserJet III).

Here's the problem.  When I print something that comes
out on just one sheet of paper, the characters are
perfect.  However, when I print something that comes
out on multiple sheets of paper, only the last one's
characters are clear, all other pages are (usually)
readable, but very fuzzy.

I am using gs-2.6.1.  Is this the problem?  Or has someone
else run into this on an ActionLaser 1100?

Thanks in advance,
John C. Main
Sr. Software Engineer, EDD Project Leader
Northern Telecom, Inc.


1. Postscript printing problem

Someone in our group without net access is having
some problems printing Postscript documents in landscape
He's running SunOS 5.3 on a SparcStation 1000, with an
Apple Laserwriter postscript printer.    He can print
postscript files that are up to 80 characters wide.
What does he need to do to be able to print these
postscript files in landscape mode?     Thanks for your help.

Please E-mail me your responses.


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