XFree3.1 + Spea Mercury P64 PCI

XFree3.1 + Spea Mercury P64 PCI

Post by Joern Carste » Tue, 11 Oct 1994 10:12:30

Hi all !

Did anybody get a Spea Mercury P64 graphic card combined with
XFree3.1 to work ?? I tried the xf86config programm to config
the card but no modes worked. If I start the server manually
with X -bpp 32 (X is linked to XF86_S3) sometimes I get a correct
screen, sometimes not. Even -bpp 16 or -bpp 8 sometimes work, but
I can't tell how or when or why.
I played with the settings for ChipSet, ClockChip and some
of these settings, but none of them worked out. Some comments
are found in the manuals for the S3 cards and the used chips
but none of the recommended settings give a better result.
The RamDAC is configured correctly, the card is recognized as a
S3 Vision 964, so everything basic is correct.

It seems that the card sometimes gets the timing right, sometimes

Anybody any idea ??

Thanks in advance for any help

  Joern Carstens, Phone: +49 (0)30 6871337



Hi !

Has someone got such a driver for linux ? Or any other S3 968 compatible
driver list , maybe one of them works for me :)
                        thx in advance , Jubin Zawar :9

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