Evolution startup errors

Evolution startup errors

Post by Nosmo Ki » Sun, 16 Sep 2001 02:48:48

I'm trying to get this fine piece of software to run. After a few
install problems, It starts OK but with the error message "can't find
calendar. ics and task.ics files. How can I create them?



1. What is the difference between evolution in RH8 and evolution from Ximian?

I just install the RH8 and configured the system default language to
Chinese. My PC worked great in Chinese. I really like the full
functional evolution(1.0.8), which worked very well in Chinese and
English. But when I upgraded the evolution to 1.2 from Ximian.com. It
stoped displaying the Chinese characters in all emails. I tried
different encoding methods in the menu, but it did not work. Chinese
in the menu still properly displayed.

When I upgrade the evolution, I notice that it upgrades several
dependent packages in my system. But what is the difference between
evolution with RH8 and evolution 1.2 from Ximian?
Why I lost some of the basic functions when I upgrade?
What are the tricks to get the evolution to show Chinese in mail?

Maybe some guys in Red Hat know the secrects, Can you share them with

I really like to get my Chinese email back, and really thank you great
guys for create such a wonderful application.

Ji Tao

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