??? about "can't find library 'libX11.so.6'"

??? about "can't find library 'libX11.so.6'"

Post by Oscar E Master » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00


 Could somone please let me know what i am doing wrong with
 my Linux Slackware Version 3 (1.2.13) install.  I am still
 a bit new to linux so i'm still learning.

 Under X windows when i am attempting to run some pre-compiled
 static binaries (xfmail or xhtml) i get the following error
 message :

  xfmail: can't find library 'libX11.so.6'

 I can locate libX11.so.6 in two directories :

 I have tried adding these directories to the PATH statement
 but i still get the error.

 How can i resolve this error ?    Thanks. oem


1. "can't find library 'libX11.so.6'"

Well, I seem to be having a problem with XWindows here.. For whatever reason,
the vast majority of programs I attempt to run under Xwindows give me an
error message of some sort; always it's because it can't find or load some
library file..

First off, I'll give a description of what I'm running (briefly):

kernel 2.0.21
Xfree86 3.1.2
fvwm95 2.0.42a

Now, whenever I try and run any program - "xterm", "color_xterm", "xedit",
"xv", etc.. (files which ARE there, btw), I get either:

xv: can't find library 'libX11.so.6'
xtetris: can't find library 'libXaw.so.6'
xterm: can't load library 'libtermcap.so.2'

Now, the problem here is that those library files actually ARE there, and
ldconfig seems to be able to find them - I've done ldconfig -v, and all of
those files come up in there..

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