Wanted: True color pix-viewer

Wanted: True color pix-viewer

Post by Arjan van Oever » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 18:40:00


Since I've gotten a new video-card with a 24-bit DAC, I'd like to know
if there is any software to utilize it, that DAC I mean, with.

I am searching for picture viewers and animation viewers. The more formats
they support the better, but in any case JPG for the picture viewer and
MPEG and/or AVI for the animation viewer.

Since X doesn't allow for more than 256 colors, yet, the programs should be
able to run in textmode with help of svgalib or something. I'm forced to use
the rather excellent DOS viewers have in the mean time. ( Display and DVPEG,
aren't they portable ? )

In case someone is interested, here's my configuration:

- i486SX-25 with 8 meg ram, no cache :( , isa bus
- Topcolor VGA card with:
        CL-GD5426 chipset
        1 meg ram

- Linux 1.0.9, Slackware release 1.2 ( If I remeber correctly  )
- XFree86 2.0
- SVGAlib which came with above mentioned Slacware release, I don't know
  the version

This may sound like a not-so-state-of-the-art software configuration, but I'm
rather new to Linux and it's said to be stable. Besides, I don't have a
tape streamer or CD-ROM drive and I'm not plannig to install 50 floppy's
or so every few weeks.

-Any- help or pointers will be appreciated greatly.


 "I am saddened to see our world criple,      Arjan van Oeveren, Netherlands



Wanted: True color pix-viewer

Post by man.. » Tue, 11 Oct 1994 08:55:28

: Hello,
XFree86-3.1 displays in 24 bpp if you have the appropriate

For console, try zgv-*


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