Linux Users in Southern California Mailing list.

Linux Users in Southern California Mailing list.

Post by Sang Y. Y » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 00:53:13


A group of us (actually three for now) are interested in
forming a mailing list for Linux Users in So. Cal.

If you are interested, please e-mail me.





1. Southern California Linux Users Mailing List

This is regarding my post two days ago.

I was asking for anyone who is interested in "Southern California
Linux Users Mailing List.", without fully realizing

1. there are comp.os.linux.* newsgroups that serve better
2. this was not what I had in mind first place.

For thos who sent me a note in order to be included in the mailing
list, I am sorry to tell you that I will not maintain mailing list.

I will send out another note about Linux User Group, with
regular "face-to-face" meeting.

Sorry for any inconvenience my ignorance might have caused.



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