Personal Netware and Linux.

Personal Netware and Linux.

Post by Don Macph » Thu, 09 Jun 1994 09:07:24

   Ok... I have three computers. One I want to run Linux on, semi-exclusively
and two for DOS.  On the DOS side, I can get Personal Netware to share files
between nodes.  Can I:

a) Use the Linux box as a file server for the two DOS boxes?

b) Use the Linux box as a print/comm server for the same?

c) Do it transparently enough that I can fool Windows, and DOOM?

d) I want't to avoid running the UMDOS file system...

  Also, how good is thse current WINE/DOSEMU stuff?  Can I run Windows/DOS
apps under Linux?


Please reply.

BTW This is being typed on a Linux box... :)

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