Mounting everything ro, and other runlevel questions.

Mounting everything ro, and other runlevel questions.

Post by Thaddeus L Olcz » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 04:42:11

Is there a way to create a runlevel that starts with all services off,
and all fs mounted as ro?
Also will this work?

export present_rl=$(runlevel|grep [0-9]*)
init 1 # or whatever runlevel you want

Do_what_you_want_at_runlevel 1.

init $present_rl
Especially if the above is started by cron.


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I went through the slackware install using net boot and
color144 root just fine except for it said that util.tgz was
missing from a2 and keytbls.tgz from a3. I looked for these
files on several sunsite mirrors and did not find them.

Figuring that the index file had not been updated or something
I proceded.

When booting the hd using lilo it said I needed to mount
/dev/hda1  read only. I did this and it said to do it read
write. I did this and it said to do it read only. Whats up with

I am new to this linux thing and would appreciate any help.

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