General Protection error

General Protection error

Post by James Tappi » Wed, 11 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Over the last few days I've started getting General Protection errors
from the kernel (2.0.35 or 2.0.33 I can boot with either and it makes no

The error is :
general protection: 0000
CPU:    0
Followed by various register dumps.

I know that this is usually (always) indicative of some form of
"amnesia" on the part of the machine (a 1.5 year old P200-MMX w. 96Mb).

The following may be relevant (or not):

1) The errors seem to be more likely to occur if the machine has been up
for some time (until this started happening I used to leave it on 24/7
unless I was away for > 1 week).

2) Sometime last week the power supply fan became noisy.

3) On trying to shutdown after a failure (which tends not to bring
everything to a total halt) the shutdown usually hangs on "Turning off

The question is is there any good way to verify which hardware is the
problem (the options seem to me to be power supply, ram or cache) other
than systematically swapping components until it stops breaking? Or
failing that suggestions of probabilities

[My conjecture - which may well be well wide of the mark - is that the
system is getting too warm because the fan isn't working as well as it
should (it is still running) and thus the memory is getting flaky].

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Hoping not to waste bandwidth, can someone tell me how to fix general
protection errors when I have just set the boot image to find root on the
hard drive?  

My setup:  386-25, ST01 SCSI controller, ST296N drive.  40MB Linux partition.
I'm trying to boot bootimage.96a.  When booting off floppy it works just great
and seems to like my system.  (Once I figured out how to format the proper

When booting off the hard drive, I get all the way to the point when the login
prompt is given, and I get a general protection error 0000.  After that,
everytime I try to log in, it happens again, and I'm dropped out to the login
prompt again.

Thanks in advance all.


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