SMC Ultra Question

SMC Ultra Question

Post by Eric Hausgaa » Sat, 17 Sep 1994 23:53:44

  I am trying to install Slackware 2.0.0 (I just got it from
and after setting up HOSTS, NETWORKS, and rc.d/RC.INET1 in the /etc directory
I can ping my site, but I cannot ping  the gateway, or another site either
locally, or throught the Internet.

  I am using an SMC Ultra.  Is there something I can tweak to make it work?

I can get this card to work under BSDI and I can use the EZSETUP  to configure
it.  I am using Twisted Pair, IRQ 10  

Also, is there a program I can use to probe the card?



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1. SMC Ultra question

Well we've got a LAN set up at our house and I've got a question regarding
our networking cards (the SMC Ultras)...

Currently we have this problem.  We've got it set up so that my roommate's
computer (he's got the 33.6K modem) is the router for the rest of us when
we're hooked up to the rest of the internet (we've got a dailup
connection).  Everything seems to be working correctly, except for a few
minor glitches:

The modem sputters, dies out (often when I'm downloading something really
important or reading email), and leaves all of our internet connections
hanging.  I've looked up all the log file I could think of and couldn't
find any error messages that could possibly tell us what happened.  The
only thing I can think of is that the support in the kernel for SMC Ultras
is experimental, and that could cause a conflict with the modem connection
or something like that.

Well we did have 2.0.31 but just recently upgraded to 2.0.32.  Maybe
that'll fix it, but I wanted to check anyways to see if anybody had any
similar experiences.  Thanks!

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