Linux Journal Feb 98 issue - And DATABASE HOWTO doc

Linux Journal Feb 98 issue - And DATABASE HOWTO doc

Post by al de » Wed, 11 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Linux Journal Feb 98 issue has article about PostgreSQL, the doc below
was not mentioned. Hope this helps --

Database Howto Version 4.0 document is located at -

Also you can find this document at the following mirrors sites -

Other mirror sites near you (network-address-wise) can be found at
select a site and go to directory /LDP/HOWTO/Database-HOWTO.html

This document is published in 10 different formats namely - DVI,
Postscript, Latex, LyX, GNU-info, HTML, RTF(Rich Text Format),
Plain-text, Unix man pages and SGML.

You can get this HOWTO document as a single file tar ball in
HTML, DVI, Postscript or SGML formats from -
Plain text format is in:

CAUTION: The document is large, total number of pages printed will
be 212 pages (postscript version).

Translations to other languages like French, German, Spanish,
Chinese, Japanese are in Any help from you to
translate to other languages is welcome.

The document is written using a tool called "SGML tool" which can
be got from -
Compiling the source you will get the following commands like

     sgml2html databasehowto.sgml (to generate html file)
     sgml2rtf databasehowto.sgml (to generate RTF file)
     sgml2latex databasehowto.sgml (to generate*file) etc..