Sparc1+ v. DX4-100 Linux

Sparc1+ v. DX4-100 Linux

Post by Ted Oka » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 11:24:49

        I'm wrestling with a decision in setting up a
web/gopher/sendmail-listserv/ftp/wais+gsql+sql-freeIngres server off of a
56kbps pipe to the Net.

        The pipe speed limits everything of course.  Hence, specInt's may
not be as critical as simple disk I/O performace.  I'm not looking for
anything spectacular.  However, cost/benefit I'm looking at either a
Linux box with 100Mz DX4 and fast-wide SCSI II versus a slower Sparc 1+
with an accelerator chip (from Minicomputer Exchange-Sunnyvale) but with
SBus performace.

        One factor is the abundance of compiled Internet apps for SunOS
4.x such as NCSA httpd, freeWais, freeIngres etc.  

        Any advice?

Thanks in advance!!


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