Enabling core dumps for setuid programs

Enabling core dumps for setuid programs

Post by Randy Marti » Fri, 30 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Is there a way to enable core dumping for setuid programs?  I know that it
is disabled by default
for security reasons, but i'm developing software on a test system and it
would be nice to
get core dumps for segmentation faults.  I saw a blurb in the linux FAQ
about this, but it's not
clear on what exactly I need to change and how to rebuild the kernel.
Anyone know how to do



1. Core dump of setuid program? Howto?

OK, years and years and years ago, someone about how to cause a
setuid program to leave a core file when it failed.  I saved the
information, but then forgot where I put it.  Now I need it for
work, and I can only remember the barest hints about how to do
this -- something about needing to invoke the program from ksh.

Help?  (I don't think the original post made any mention of it being
a platform-specific hack, but in case it is.... the platform on which
my software is failing and I need to find out why is SCO UNIX).

I realize that given the recent surge of interest in security-related
issues, this request is probably ill-timed, as it makes me look like
YA cracker looking to find out what's in a 4711 binary.  If you want
to make sure that you're not replying to a bored UR student, you can

that I'm the domain contact)

Thanks in advance for any hints.
Helen C. O'Boyle

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