PCI Graphics card suggestions

PCI Graphics card suggestions

Post by Randall Jon » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am currently upgrading my Linux system.  I'm running XFree86 and looking
for a good middle to high-end graphics card for the PCI bus.
I would like to get at least 24bpp in approx. 1024x768 resolution

I've heard good things about the ATI Graphics Pro Turbo cards, but
something about not (yet) supported RAM-DACs?
The Orchid Farenheit 64 and 9GXE64 cards come to mind.

Please, I'm hoping for a constructive discussion of good cards that
are proving themselve in Linux XFree86 systems.

Thanks to All.


Randall Jones

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Hey everybody,

I am currently in the market for a new graphics card, but I don't know
which to buy.
What I need is about the following (descending in importance)
1280x1024 at 24 or 32 bpp
very stable
High 2D Performance
High OpenGL 3D Performance (no games, medical visualisation only)

I had an Elsa Erazor with Nvidia chip, but this card crashed a lot when
using nvidias driver, how stable are the new Nvidia card/driver combos?
How is the 3D-Performance of Matrox card? They seem to be quite fast for 2D
and are quite affordable.
What about ATI cards, how fast and stable is the dri module?

Any ideas/comments greatly appreciated,


Btw, does anybody know whether a Elsa Gloria XXL runs under XFree 4.x with

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