Free Access to Linux for zSeries IBM Mainframe

Free Access to Linux for zSeries IBM Mainframe

Post by Biggibb » Fri, 20 Dec 2002 04:17:31

Attention Readers:

I would like to show something I found for those of you who would like
to gain experience on the zSeries mainframe running Linux by letting those
interested sign up for the Test Drive for 30 days free access.  I know in
this tough economy any experience helps and for those developers out there
who would like more, the links listed below will provide more information.  
Those who are interested will need a Partnerworld for Developer ID which
can easily be obtained free prior to enrolling into the test drive.

Partnerworld for Developers:

Linux for zSeries Test Drive:


1. Free Access to Linux on IBM zSeries Mainframe

This is Free access to an IBM mainframe for testing.  Single users with no
company info can get access to a shared system. And those of you who fill
the application with all the company info can request a dedicated system
with root access.  Pretty cool for all those who want to use the system
shown in all the TV ads lately.

Check this out! Quick response from IBM.  I didn't put my company name and
address and so they requested it.  I gave them legit information and they
said that I would be receiving my login information in a day or so.  Looks
pretty cool.  

You get your choice of SuSE, Red Hat, or Turbo.

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