Install scripts should check swap for bad blocks

Install scripts should check swap for bad blocks

Post by Grant Edwar » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 22:59:49

I tried to install both slackware and debian on a machine with an old
150M Hewlett Packard ESDI drive (a nice drive in it's day).  The drive
had a few bad sectors scattered around.  The install scripts offered
the option of doing a -c option when they mkfs'd partions, but not
when they mkswap'd the swap partition.  I didn't realize it at the
time, but my problems installing on that machine were caused by bad
sectors in the swap partition.

My conclusion is this:

Unless you are _positive_ there are no bad sectors in your swap
partition, do the mkswap by hand with the -c option.

(Now that I know what was wrong, I wish I had thet ESDI drive back
instead of the MFM drives I put in that machine.)

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I'm getting some filesystem failures (lost inodes, corrupted files, etc)
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Any hint?

Thanx in advance,


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