_NEED_SHRLIB_libc_4 ? I have libc.so.4

_NEED_SHRLIB_libc_4 ? I have libc.so.4

Post by Mitchum DSouz » Thu, 31 Mar 1994 22:25:14


| >'I've been digging for FAQ files that might answer this for a week without
| >luck; please, somebody help me out here...
| >When I attempt to link a number of things, such as pppd or xrn, I get a
| >messages stating that there are multiple definitions of _NEEDS_SHRLIB_libc_4
| >in /usr/lib/libgcc.sa and /usr/lib/libc.sa.  I tried the obvious things:...
| I got this error after updating my gcc, libc, etc. I was able to fix things
| by deleting the old /usr/lib/libgcc.sa which is not part of the new
| distribution, and adding links from
|         /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/2.5.8/libgcc.a to /usr/lib/libgcc.a

You shouldn't need to do this.

| and some others. I still don't know if I have things set up correctly,
| but I am able to compile Xt and Xm programs. This info is in the release
| doc, but the instructions are pretty poor, to be honest.

I dont think the lines

         4) /usr/lib/libgcc.sa and  /usr/lib/libgcc.a must not be used with
            libc 4.5.21. You have to remove/backup /usr/lib/libgcc.*.

in the release notes constitute your description of "the instructions are pretty
poor, to be honest".



1. Why did some of the networking API change between libc.so.5 and libc.so.6?

Hi all.

I have a program using dns_mkquery, gethostbyaddr_r and a few other.  I
upgraded from Slackware 3.4 to
Redhat 5.1 (too see if Redhat was really as easy as all told - but
that's a different story) and now I see that
my program doesn't build because the API to these networking routines
changed.  I can see this as
viable if the industry standard were going that way, but the UNIX98 spec
didn't seem to call for these
changes as I could see, so does anyone know why this happened.  The long
and short is that instead
of these routines having a return value (hostent **) which really only
pointed to something you'd passed
in (hostent *), you now have to pass in the item.  I dunno why this
change happened, but I don't like
having to rewrite API's without a reason.  Any ideas?  I'm not as good
as I should be on rechecking these

I'd greatly appreciate it.


kenbo "frustrated"

(Now that I finally have a gdb with thread support, I cannot build my
app to debug!  ARGH!)

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