Coonecting Two machines via serial/parallel

Coonecting Two machines via serial/parallel

Post by Darrell Blodget » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

A friend has an older version of linux that he wants to upgrade, and he has
ordered a cd for this.  He has some software (GRASS) that he wants to back up
off the machine.  I have a laptop with linux/dos/windows on it.  What I would
like to do is hook the two machines together through serial ports and transfer
files across.  Whats the easiest way to accomplish this?

Darrell Blodgett


1. Serial-to-serial (or parallel-to-parallel) wireless?

The story begins like this:

  I have one old slow laptop and one new fast desktop. One day I was
thinking about connecting 'em together. Of course, I can get several
pieces of wire and solder 'em to the couple of DB-9's and start pppd.
Or even worse, get many pieces of wire and start plip.
But I think that it ain't no fun walking around the house on a leash
like a dog :-)
  So ... the idea was born: It would be cool to have a wireless
NULL-modem connection. I am sure that it is quite possible to make such
a beast and I'd try to do it myself, but I was wondering if someone have
already done it?
  Unfortunately, the laptop does not have a modem or any PCMCIA
slots ... I have to forget about simple modulation or wireless
ethernet :-(

 Ideas anyone????? Or maybe someone heard about such a thing existing?

Eugene Anikin       

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