Announcing SDL 0.8 and 0.9

Announcing SDL 0.8 and 0.9

Post by Sam Lantin » Thu, 15 Oct 1998 04:00:00


                          Simple DirectMedia Layer

                                 Version 0.8

                        "Simple, efficient, and portable"

        This library is designed to make it easy to write games that run
on Linux, Win32 and BeOS using the various native high-performance media
interfaces, (for video, audio, etc) and presenting a single source-code
level API to your application.  This is a fairly low level API, but using
this, completely portable applications can be written with a great deal of

SDL has been split into a stable release, 0.8.x, and a development release,
0.9.x. The stable version is very robust, having been extensively tested over
the past 3 months. The development version has some exciting features in
progress, such as automatically adjusting to display changes, CD-ROM support,
and more.

Get it now from:

GIMP lovers, grab your brushes!
        The "Official SDL Logo Contest" is now in session.
Send your entries, or instructions on downloading your entries, via e-mail

web site, and will get their names in the CREDITS list for the next version
of SDL! :)
        You can view the contest entries at:

And if you're wondering.. "what can I really do with SDL?", be sure
and download the examples archive, which contains demontrations of:

       Simple sprite animation
       Flame effects
       Organic firework animation
       Playing .FLC and .FLI animations
       Playing WAV and Macintosh sound resources
       Playing .MOD, .S3M, and .XI modules
       Plasma effects and palette animation
       Cut and paste of text and images
       Starfield rotation
       Truetype font rendering with FreeType 1.1
       Dynamic image warping
       Emulating the Prometheus TrueColor API

If you are interested, join the development mailing list by sending e-mail



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also, when in insert mode the buffer seems to puts a false space in the output
which is cleared up by an <esc> cntrl-l sequence.  i upgraded both linux (2.0.5
to 2.0.8) and termcap (from 2.0.0 to 2.0.8) tonight so i am not sure which is
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news group is best for this, or who should be contacted about this?

thanks for the help.

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