NFS troubles

NFS troubles

Post by Andrew C. Bee » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am having some troubles with NFS.  I just installed Linux 1.2.8 from
Slackware 2.3.0.  I am mounting filesystems from an SGI file server.  The SGI
has these filesystems mounted:


I mount SGI:/usr/graphics on /usr/graphics.  When I do an ls of /usr/graphics,
I see its contents.  When I do an ls of /usr/graphics/data, I see its

However, when I then do an ls of /usr/graphics, I see the contents of
/usr/graphics/data, and the contents of /usr/graphics are no longer available.

Is this a recognized bug with a fix?  Email replies are welcome!



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I'm having a weird issue with setting up nfsd. I have 2 boxes, one
(which I'll call JIM) has 3 NICs and is running kernel 2.2.16. Two of
its IPs are 'real' and one is for the LAN behind it ( The
second box (BOB) is running 2.4.14 and has 2 NICs, of which only one is
active with an IP in the same range ( I've set up portmap,
nfsd, mountd, exports, exportfs etc. etc. on the .5 box. I run the
daemons on BOB and everything's fine. On JIM, I type 'mount -t nfs -o
nfsvers=2,rsize=1024,wsize=1024 JIM:/shared/directory /mnt/JIM'. This
causes mount to hang forever, but I can exit it by pressing CTRL-C and
waiting for it to catch the interrupt. If I look on BOB, I see the
authentication was succesful and that's the last message in the log.
I've searched for this problem on the net and there are several
suggestions that's it's related to the multiple interfaces on JIM. These
articles suggest using the mount_nfs command with option '-c'. However,
neither mount_nfs nor a '-c' option can be used, as both do not exist on

Does anyone know an equivalent to the suggested solutions for the
'mount' command or knows a better solution to this problem?


        A. Eijkhoudt

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