Blue Lightening DX66

Blue Lightening DX66

Post by Versus Versa » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00

    My friend just brought a Blue Lightening DX66 CPU and he had couple
    questions about this chip:

    1) Does this chip has 8K cache?
    2) How come Linux said that this chip had a bogomips value of just 26.xx?

    Many thanx in advance,



1. questions about Putting Linux on a AST Premmia 486 dx66

I am thinking about putting Linux on a AST Premmia 486 dx66.
It is an EISA system with a built in video card which is based on the ATI mach 32 card an Logitech sound card.
Would I have any problems using Linux on this system, would I be able to get all the drivers I need.

If you have had any experience of using Linux on a AST or have any similar components in your system, I would be
most greatful if you could EMAIL me descriptions of any problems you have had.

Thanks in Advance.

Andrew Beck

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