Boca fax modem problem with fax. help!

Boca fax modem problem with fax. help!

Post by Sergei Naum » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 13:26:48

I've put my hands on Boca MV28KI fax modem. It is 28,800 bps, and I
can't force it to work in the fax mode. When I send something
over it stops the transmission after several dots on the paper
appear, so it look s like it sends only the first portion of
data. Then it interrupts. Before that, though, it writes some
kind of warning about XON/XOFF junk. I tried it under Dos and it
worked there. So, I looked the initialization string and found
"&K3" which supposes to turn CTS on. I have put the one in
efax but still... It doesn't work. The settings are that the beast should
bargain for the connection speed. Did anybody experience anything

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