create a new databse with adabas

create a new databse with adabas

Post by Jens Rimku » Mon, 19 Jun 2000 04:00:00

hi folks :-)

i don't know, if this is the right group, but i have the following prob:

i am using linux kernel 2.2.10 and "adabas d - personal edition"

whenever i try to create a new database , i get the following messages:

        1563 -11706 WARNING: shareddynpool too small in XPARAM
        1553 -11987 ABEND: KERNEL CRUSHING

for i am an adabas newbie, i don't know what to do ;-(

perhaps there is anybody out there, who can and will help me?




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Greetings all,

     I have 3 gigs of freespace on my 12 gig HD.  I would like to
partition this space and make it available to both my Red Hat 6.1 OS and
my Win98 OS.  Therefore, it has to be a FAT32 filesystem. I can't use
fdisk in windows to do this because it doesn't recognize linux.  In
other words, windoze fdisk shows 5 gigs of free space when this is
definately not true, linux is taking up 2 gigs. I don't want to use the
win fdisk in fear of it screwing up my linux system. Cfdisk in linux
shows the proper HD setup with the correct amount of freespace, so I
would like to use this program.  My question, however, is which type of
filesystem  should I format the drive in? doesn't seem to write
FAT32 filesystems, only FAT16 versions.  Can I choose any FAT16 version
and write that filesystem so that windoze recongnizes it, and then
reformat the partition (new win drive) into a FAT32 from inside windoze?
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I thank everyone who helps in advance = )

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