RedHat 5.0 system won't see Voodoo2 board

RedHat 5.0 system won't see Voodoo2 board

Post by Jim Gross » Fri, 07 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Trying to run Quake2 in gl mode I get the following

  ref_gl version: GL 0.01
  R_Setmode() -CDS not allowed with this driver
  Initializing OpenGL display....
  setting mode 3: 640 480
  _GlideInitEnvironment: glide2xx.dll expected
  voodoo graphics, none detected.

  I have the newest Glibc libraries
  (Glide_V2-2.51-3.i386.glib.rpm) installed.
  at least I think their installed. Rpm
  says they are not installed if I try to
  uninstall them, and says they are installed
  if I try to install them. I have to force
  the install with --replacepkgs.

  I believe that installing these libraries
  broke something. Quake2 was working before
  I tried to upgrade to svgalib 1.3, I had
  problems with this upgrade (it's ok now, quake
  works with the software renderer now), and
  tried various things to get quake working.
  Including the installation of these libraries.

  Does anyone know what  filed are needed to run
  Quake2 in gl mode? What are their symlinks,
  directories and such.

  Any help is appreciated.

  BTW, it seems that with the error messages saying
  "voodoo graphics expected" that it's looking for
  a voodoo 1 board instead of a voodoo 2!!


Jim Grossl

Boise, Idaho USA


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