ide1: error upon boot

ide1: error upon boot

Post by Aswin M. Almei » Sat, 22 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I had a few problems installing slackware 2.3.0 from scratch using
the bare bootdisk and color12 rootdisk.. if I use my ramdisk
it dies near the end of loading the 1.28M into memory with
a message about child processes being spawned.  However if
I use the floppy as a ramdisk it works fine <:  (Guess its
running out of low memory).

I figure either low memory is tight or the 1.2M disks are
messed up <: (or.. Im doing something wrong <: )

Also.. after installing and booting, I see this message
repeatedly.. any ideas?  I'm a bit more worried about this,
and just want to know what it means.  I'll be recompiling
my kernel as soon as I get the D series (at 400 bytes a second..
sheesh).. so maybe that'll rectify it.

ide1: unexpected_intr: status=0x40

-Aswin Almeida


1. CRC error upon boot

I am running Linux kernel 1.2.0 using a WD 1GB IDE disk
on a DX4 with 16M.  I left my machine on last Friday and
when I went to use it today (Tuesday) there were write
errors to /dev/hda1.  DOS is on hda2, my swap partition is
hda3 and Linux is installed on hda4.  I'm not sure what hda1

I tried using a different VC to shutdown gracefully but was
not able to do so.  Failing all else I shut the power off.
Now when I try to boot Linux using LILO I get
        Loading kernel.....
        Uncompressing kernel....

                crc error

                System Halted

This happens when I try to boot my emergency floppy as well.
Any ideas, suggestions or solutions would be GREATLY appreciated.
I am hurting in a big way.

                                        Thanks in advance,

                                        J. Basso

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