Kernel 1.3.95 & broken flock / fcntl

Kernel 1.3.95 & broken flock / fcntl

Post by Chris Schoenfel » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00


We just installed 1.3.95 on three machines - a 486/33, a P133, and a P90.

486/33 Worked just fine

The Pentiums, when programs attempt to flock files, reports:

        "call to fcntl with broken flock implementation"

and continues on.

Any ideas?

BTW, Some recent packages installed on the Pentiums:

Perl 5.002
Berkeley DB 1.85
netatalk AppleTalk package (Hey, it wasn't *MY* idea!)
propps .99/.99a (also on the 486)
some little X doo-dads like Xtacy, mpeg2play, etc.

Thanks for any help