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I have a application that use the ANSI extended char.
I cannot see it on my linux (console,ansi_xterm,xterm)
What can i do . Must i modify my gettydefs to enable the console (tty)
to show the character up to 126 <256?????
Help, please.
Thanks ,Natali

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1. Getting Xterm to understand IBM ANSI graphic characters?

Ok, the color_xterm program (The version of Xterm which was modified to
respond to ANSI color and text changes) works great...  But since I use
Seyon to talk to BBS's which commonly use the graphic characters to do some
fancy graphics like boxes and diagrams on the screen, what I need is either:
  1)  An X font which is similar to the extended character set which IBM and
      Apple Macintoshes expect to contain corners, boxes, cross lines, etc.

  2)  I noticed by doing an "xfd -fn 10x20" that the standard "Fixed" character
      sets have international characters where the ANSI BBS's expect these
      graphic drawing characters.  So my interim solution is to remap specific
      international characters to the graphic characters using XTerm X
      resources, so that when the Xterm window (spawned by Seyon) receives
      these (ranging from ascii decimal 170 to 200 or so) it replaces them
      with numbers down in the 10 to 20 range.
           So does anybody have pre-set character code mapping for any of the
      standard X fonts that makes the international character sets look more
      like the ANSI IBM extended character set?

  3)  I know you can set eightBitOutput false so that 128 is subtracted from
      any incoming character code before being printed, but I don't think
      that is sthe solution because at least for this particular "ANSI" bbs
      I was using to reverse engineer the mappings, they seemed to range fromm
      186 to 196 difference between the character code values, but I could
      have chosen wrong...

  4)  Is there a document on the supported resources for color_xterm?  I have
      no manual page on it.

    Devon Tuck

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