Segmentation Fault errors when running pine/olvwm...

Segmentation Fault errors when running pine/olvwm...

Post by Maria V Huert » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00

currently running 8 megs physical with 28 megs swap...slakware 3.0 kernel
version 2.0.0:
when i try to run pine or olvwm i get Segmentation Fault...any ideas why?
Jason M.


1. olvwm Segmentation fault

I'm running .99pl10 with Xfree 1.3 (libs 4.4, libXs 3.0.1) and I'm trying
to get olvmw 3.0 running.  I downloaded the binaries from sunsite and
installed the files according to the readme file.  However, when I try to
run olvwm, I get a Segmentation fault (core dumped) message.
I tried to read the core with gdb, but to no avail.

Does anyone out there have olvwm running?  (The binaries, I don't have
the development system for X to compile the sources).


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