How to map a tty port to another tty port

How to map a tty port to another tty port

Post by Jean-Pierre Dub » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 10:44:49


I just installed a new Linux system where users will connect to it using
telnet. On this server I installer a Digi port server (16 ports RS-232).
These 16 ports are connected to another Unix system that is maintained by
another company. I have no access whatsover to administrate this system. I
would like to have my users to connect directly through a telnet session to
one of the ports on my port server. For example how can I redirect input and
output from /dev/pts/2 to /dev/ttyd0.

Thanks for your time
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 * Jean-Pierre Dub


1. Problem adding tty port using 128 Port Async Adapter with 16 port Async Node

This system is  43P-140 AIX 4.2.1.x  with PCI 128 port Async. with 2 16 port

I am tring to add tty ports to my ran system.  When I go to to smit

1)smitty tty
2)Add a TTY
3)tty rs232 Asynchronous Terminal
4)sa3 Available 04-05-22 16-Port RAN EIA-232 for 128-Port Adapter

I then get this error message
1800-109 There are currently no additional
SMIT screen entries available fo this
item  This item may require installation of
additional software before it can be accessed.

I have these files loaded

  devices.pci.4f111b00.asw  COMMITTED  PCI 128-Port Asynchronous
  devices.pci.4f111b00.diag  COMMITTED  RISC PC PCI Async 128 Port
  devices.pci.4f111b00.rte  COMMITTED  PCI 128-Port Asynchronous
  devices.pci.4f111b00.rte  COMMITTED  PCI 128-Port Asynchronous COMMITTED CX Common Adapter Software

 I noticed devices.pci.4f111b00.rte is defferent version I
 ibm web site but failed know how to get it to load twice (newbie).

I also notice I have COMMITTED PCI 8-Port
Asynchronous Adapter
Can not uloaded this smit deinstall reports dependents for these

devices.pci.4f111b00.rte  COMMITTED  PCI 128-Port Asynchronous
devices.pci.4f111b00.diag  COMMITTED  RISC PC PCI Async 128 Port

This may be were the problem is.

Thanks for any help,
Lance Adams

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