LOCAL: Tokyo Group Oct Meeting

1. Local WMass US Linux Users Group Meeting Oct 15

The second Western Mass (USA) Linux-Unix User's Group meeting is scheduled
and YOU are invited!

Date:           Wednesday Oct 15, 1997
Time:           6-8PM
Location:       319 OEB Morrill Science Center South Blg, UMass Amherst
Who:            Anyone interested in the Linux/Unix Operating System
Also a third Western Mass Linux-Unix User' Group (WMLUUG ??) is scheduled for:
Monday Nov 17, 6-8 PM also at 319 OEB Morrill Science Center
South Blg, UMass Amherst.

This group is in the early stages of coming together. Most Linux user
groups have advocacy, education and support as a core set of goals. All
are welcome and all members are new. Creative input is also welcome.

There is an excellent Linux User's Group HOWTO at:  
        www.ntlug.org/archive/lug-howto/lug.html   (it's worth checking out )

Oct. 15 Meeting, Agenda Outline:
        -Linux, what is it good for? Perhaps a brief demonstration.
        - What do folks want out of a Linux-Unix User's Group ?
                -Workshops ?
                -Install fests. ?
                -Guest Speakers ?
        -Official Group Name ?
        - Using Linux/Unix as a PC file server, Web server,
                Database Server, X Server, etc ..
        - Using Linux/Unix at home, in the office, in the classroom.
        - How often to meet? How much interest is there ? etc ..

Interesting links to other Linux user groups:    
(see what they're up to)
 Boston Linux and Unix                          www.blu.org/
 Univ. of Ill. at Urbana-Champaign LUG          www.acm.uiuc.edu/lug/
 Provence Linux Users Group (France)            www.pipo.com/plug/
 Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts                      www.ale.org/

See you there,

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