Post by Nick Daniel » Wed, 03 Sep 1997 04:00:00

 When I start DosLinux I get this error

Unable to load Console

or words to that effect.

Does Anyone know about DosLinux?

Nick Daniels
Just tryin to get all his stuff workin together.


1. DosLinux help

   A few days ago I asked for help on getting this "get-your-feet-wet" version
of linux -- well I had ver. 79 and its docs (while confusing to say the least)
told me that I only needed 24M for it ( 16M, programs; 8M, swap;).
   well this hdd was given to me with MSDOS 6.0 and windoze 3.11,wfw.
   I was about to run diskopt ( oh, I use DRDOS) realized that there was
12 - 14M wraped up in the two and i had been keeping them 'in case', I might
need them.  Since it had been a year and i had not even looked at them.
they went by - by.
   After running diskopt ( I had d/l doslinux v. 84 friday night ).
I gave doslinux 56M ( 48M, plus 8M swap) and watched with "oh-boy!,oh-boy!"
as it installed.
 Upon reboot every thing went fine untill -- well here are the last three
befor it hung ... and i had to do a hard reboot (ctl-alt-del did/do not work
at this point.
"remounting root device (rw) enabled"
"proc on /proc type proc (rw)"
"none on /dep/pts type devpts (rw,gid=5,mode 666)"
------------------ that's it folks ------------- nothing beyoud but reset ---
   Any and all thoughts, on what the reason linux is doing this, are welcome.
  I am setting this up on a 386/33 with 16M ram, and vga, 14.4 modem,125M hdd.
  I have a 486DX/2 66, 32M ram, svga,28.8 modem, sb awe 32, and a lonesome
  425M hdd sitting here -- I also have debian and slackware awaiting ---
  DOSLINUX is where intend to make my inital mistakes.


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