Netscape 1.x vs 2.0

Netscape 1.x vs 2.0

Post by Martin Carmichae » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

What can I expect to gain upgrading Netscape?
Martin Carmichael
Montreal, Quebec

Netscape 1.x vs 2.0

Post by Le Marquis de Sad » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>What can I expect to gain upgrading Netscape?

let me see here...DNS error messages, a poor (IMHO) newsreader, an exorbitant
amount of bothersome pop-up windows.  On the positive side, one or two of these
pop-up windows are nice, and in my case it does seem to be a little faster -
that is when it decides to connect in the first place.  I used it for awhile,
then went back to 1.12...I suppose it can't hurt to try it and see for your
self.  I would suggest making copies of your .netscape files before you do this
though, so you don't lose your bookmarks and preferences.

- sade -


Netscape 1.x vs 2.0

Post by Andrew R. Tef » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>What can I expect to gain upgrading Netscape?

Nothing yet; 2.0 is in the beta stage. However many potentially
neat features (read: bloat) are promised for 2.0 and if you want
to help debug it, you can. The first beta will probably disappoint

To keep this thread actually valid in the newsgroup in which it
is posted (it's not really a linux question but I will give a linux
answer), one major bug is in the Linux version, related to dns lookups.
If you don't have a local proxy server you might want to wait; if
you do you can easily enough specify its ip address instead of its
hostname in the netscape configuration.

Visit and follow the various links about
2.0 for the full list of promised features.



Netscape 1.x vs 2.0

Post by Dimitri Maziu » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

> >What can I expect to gain upgrading Netscape?

> Stuffed configuration and a braindead POP client.

You forgot to mention stuffed name resolution.

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I recently installed RedHat 2.0 ELF with a.out support (using defaults
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All looked fine for all until I run netscape 2.0x.

I started running Netscape 2.0b2 or 2.0b3 (same results
either way).

After I start netscape, I am unable to run any other command
(eg "ls" or "who" or "free") on my system until I quit
netscape! The message I get when I try an "ls" in any window while
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        > ls
        ls: can't map '/dev/zero'
        ls: can't map '/dev/zero'
        ls: can't load library ''

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