services shut down immediately after starting (RH6.2)

services shut down immediately after starting (RH6.2)

Post by Dave Masin » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 11:53:28

I'm having some woes with my RH 6.2 box. Just recently I had to power
down to move the machine when I noticed that most of the services that
are usually started...weren't. The screen reported "FAILED" for the
majority of the services the system tried to shut down (sshd, cron,
sendmail, ...) claiming that there is no such PID for that process.

When the machine came back up, all was reported well on the screen
regarding daemons starting on initialization, but once I logged in,
there were no processes for them. I could start them manually at the
shell prompt and they seem to work though. One test I did was boot the
system and shut down right away. Sure enough, all started well, and
most failed on shutdown claming "no PID".

We haven't installed anything new or changed the configuration
(knowingly) in months. Any suggestions as to what's going on here or
how to fix it?

Much thanks in advance,

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