Help: Netscape 6 won't start

Help: Netscape 6 won't start

Post by Matt Foste » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I downloaded and installed Netscape 6 according to the instructions, but it
won't start.  Here's what it says when I try to run it...


/ ./mozilla-bin
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory(/tmp/.tmp.xi.0/bin/components/
) Load FAILED with error: <unknown; can't get error from NSPR>
Could not obtain CmdLine processing service

Any help with this one??



1. Netscape won't start media player

I have a streaming video file(.asf) located on my Apache server.
When I use IE 5.0 to access the file it automatically starts the MS
Media Player and I can see the video clip.  When I try to use Netscape
4.X to access the file all I get is a bunch of code scrolling by.  I have
same file on and it works with both IE and Netscape so I'm
pretty sure the problem is with the Apache configuration.
I have also accessed this file from several PC's running Netscape and get
same result. So I know it's not a particular browser config problem.
 I'm running Apache 1.3.12 on a Linux 6.2 platform.  Can anyone
tell me how to fix this??????  Thanks in advance!!!!!

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