Slakware 3.2 mouse

Slakware 3.2 mouse

Post by Buxx » Sun, 24 May 1998 04:00:00

Installed Slakware 3.2 and lost my mouse (standard serial MS mouse)
Using the Advan SCSI kernel from installation CD

boot messages log >  com1 as tty00, com2 as tty01

/sbin/modprobe mouse (rc.modules file) > file not found

running rc.serial SOMETIMES causes the mouse to work in GPM but is
erratic, indicates cua0 in use, sets cua1 (modem attached)

Is there a mouse setup sequence in this version of Slakware
or do I have to compile in it??


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I recently installed linux slakware 3.2 (kernel 2.0.29) and managed to get X
configured ok for a max resolution of 800x600.  When I try to go to
1024x768...the screen turns to a bunch of jiggly lines....improper frequency
I know.  The monitor is capable of 75khz refresh.  But, I noticed X using
74.999.  Would t his be the problem and how can I fix it.  800x600 just is
too large ...I like my real estate on the screen.

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