Netscape 7.0 helper applications sample configuration?

Netscape 7.0 helper applications sample configuration?

Post by Tony » Mon, 09 Dec 2002 18:40:58

Does anyone know of a place I can have a look at a sample helper
applications configuration, for example one that shows how to handle
sound files and video, for Netscape 7.0?  It seems the format has
changed somewhat because what worked in older netscape's doesn't work
with 7.0, something like this used to work on some apps:

   MyApplication %s

This would start MyApplication with file %s but now it doesn't, and when
I get something something to work I end up with downloaded files in
/tmp, which Netscape used to delete but now leaves them there for no
better purpose than to take up space.



1. Netscape Helper Applications

I am planning on writing a small helper
application to read a simple file type.  Not a
plugin, but a helper application.  My problem is,
how does the file name (that launched the
associated helper application) get communicated to
the helper application.  It doesn't seem to come
through argv.  Is there some API that I need to
link in?


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