My Debian! (Debian 2.0 hamm)

1. PPP problem on debian (hamm)

    I'm a bit frustrated. I had Debian bo release installed, with
everything working. Upgraded to Debian hamm using the apt-get pakcage
(everything went very smoothly - nice package!).
    Unfortunately, I can't get ppp to work anymore. It took most of an
evening to get my scripts working, and I thought I had some success at
first, but then after it dialed and connected, pppd starts, and I can't
get a connection to the outside world -ie; ping with a numeric host
doesn't work.
    I'm at the end of my rope here - everything was working so well!
I'm not sure if the problem stems from an upgrade in the hamm release,
or if I don't have something set up properly.
    I am just trying to connect with a regular ISP. The dialup scripts
work fine, and pppd appears to start. I've read all of the FAQ's but I
can't find any problems. If someone could point me in the right
direction, I'd appreciate it. I'm not even sure where I should be
looking at this point.


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