Professional Home Pages v3.0.8 released...

Professional Home Pages v3.0.8 released...

Post by test » Mon, 24 May 1999 04:00:00

May 22 1999, Version 3.0.8

o OCI8 fix for RAW and LONG RAW (Binary data) - sorry currently limited to
64K (Thies C. Arntzen)
o Added support for pdf creation lib from FastIO, This has
not been tested, yet (U. Steinmann)
o Rewrite socket buffering subsystem (Sascha)
o Fix semaphore support on glibc-2.1 systems (Sascha)
o Add headers_sent() function which returns true if the http headers have
been sent out already
o Ora_GetColumn and Ora_Fetch_Into can now return "LONG" and "LONG RAW"
columns > 64K (Thies C. Arntzen)
o Another str_replace() fix to check for a 0-length haystack (RL)
o Add range() and shuffle() functions (Jim)
o Fix glibc-2.1.x (RH6) related crashes (ssb)
o Fix md5 on 64-bit platforms (Sascha)
o Let exit/die set exit status in CGI version (Sascha)
o Make substr() binary-safe (RL)
o OCIError can now be called without any arguments to check the error of a
failed OCILogon. (Thies C. Arntzen)
o added XML_Parse_Into_Struct. Parse XML without using callbacks - This
makes life far easier when using the XML-Parser from classes etc. (Thies C.
o Small fix in doesn't try to add in Informix support anymore
if INFORMIXDIR is set but --with-informix not specified (Jouni Ahto)
o add mcrypt module (Sascha)
o added REFCURSOR (including nested table) handling for OCI8. (Thies C.
o finalized new behaviour of hw_modifyobject() (U. Steinmann)
o added OCINLogon function (New-Logon) - if you need you "own-private"
transaction context. (Thies C. Arntzen)
o GetImageSize now also returns the bits/sample ("bits") and samples/pixel
("cannels") -> currently only works for JPEGs (Thies C. Arntzen)
o changed parameter evaluation of hw_modifyobject() (see docs) (U.
o fixed a sporadic crash when shutting down a request that used the ora_**
calls. (Thies C. Arntzen)
o Add fgetcsv() function (RL from Nick Talbott)
o fixed mem-leak in ora_bind (Thies C. Arntzen)
o fixed length of bound variables returned from ora_bind. (Thies C.
o Added V1 of DBA (Sascha)
o made strtr() binary safe and faster. (Thies C. Arntzen)
o added Oracle-OCI8 persistent connections (Thies C. Arntzen)
o fixed OCIDefineByName crash. (Thies C. Arntzen)
o fixed some NULL-column related problems in OCI8-module. (Thies C.
o avoid stripping double slashes when fopen'ing files (Sascha)
o sql_regcase() change: only apply to alphabetic characters (Sascha)
o add snmprealwalk() (Sascha Schumann)
o fix serious bug in strftime() (Sascha Schumann)
o fix bug in ucwords() (Sascha Schumann)
o optimized fgets() and fread() (ssb)
o memory leak in operators.c fixed
o socket leak fixed (Sascha Schumann)
o Fixed the XML bug that caused garbage behind attributes
o Some Informix driver improvements.

o Add ldap_mod_add(), ldap_mod_del() and ldap_mod_replace() (Gerritt
o Fix parameter count problem in odbc_setoption()
o Replace broken str_replace(). The fix in 3.0.7 was bogus (Sascha
o Really fix implode() this time. The fix in 3.0.7 was bogus (RL)
o Added more option to the date() function: (Colin Viebrock) 'g' - hour,
12-hour format, no leading zeros 'G' - hour, 24-hour format, no leading
zeros 'n' - month, numeric, no leading zeros
o Make fgetss() slightly smarter (RL)
o Add strip_tags() which uses the fgetss state-machine but acts on a string
o Add CRYPT_SALT_LENGTH constant (RL)


1. termcap2.0.8 and linux2.0.8

pardon me if this is the wrong newsgroup:

i have noticed an annoying flash on the screen in console mode while editing
a text file with vi.  if i go to the end and try to move down a line the screen
flashes.  likewise if i go to the first line and try to move above that.
also, when in insert mode the buffer seems to puts a false space in the output
which is cleared up by an <esc> cntrl-l sequence.  i upgraded both linux (2.0.5
to 2.0.8) and termcap (from 2.0.0 to 2.0.8) tonight so i am not sure which is
the culprit, if any.  this problem is present in xterm sessions as well.

does anyone have an idea what needs to be updated, restored, recompiled, what
news group is best for this, or who should be contacted about this?

thanks for the help.

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