Linux Lizards

Linux Lizards

Post by John M D » Sun, 14 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Due to the immense number of people asking me where it is, I honestly have
to say "I don't know". Lizards disappeared from the Incoming directory of tree some time ago and hasn't materialised
anywhere else (that I've been able to find). However, for all you SVGA
junkies, I'm uploading it to my (rather scabby) homepage sometime this
evening. For all those who kill sigs, it's at:

Hope you like. It even has a Makefile :)


 / Neiggggghhhhh-burz-a! Ev-ry-bo-dy-needs-guid- Neiggggghhhhh-burz-a! /


1. Linux Lizards v 1.4

Oops! Forgot to mention in the release post that Lizards is available
from and mirrors in the linux /Incoming directory.

Thanks to Early Bird and all those who mentioned it to me :)

Secondly,  I do not care which OS people use. I use Linux. I write for
Linux. I do not sell the programs I write, I give them away. The same
can be said for most other Linux developers. Why then, are we constantly
subjected to people squabbling over operating systems in much the same
way that dogs sniff each others arses? If I want to hear about Win95 or
OS/2 (notice the *lack* of derogatory spellings) then I will subscribe
to those groups. Please stop encouraging them :)

Cheers folks


Fremsley? That's a nice name - for a sparrow.

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