linux dialin on slackware in an aptiva

linux dialin on slackware in an aptiva

Post by Wilho Suomine » Tue, 12 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have tried for severalv days to get
a dialin to work.  I have verified that the dialin/dialout works in
a windows 3.x/95 set of enviornments.  The dialout does work in the linux
environment.  Yes I have looked through the HowToserial doc.

Can Anybody help??????????


1. mgetty / AutoPPP Win95 dialin ok, linux dialin NG!

I've got it set up such that 95 / NT clients can dial my Linux 2.0.29
server with no problem and get a ppp connection every time.  Linux
doesn't do as well.  In fact not at all.  I can dial in with minicom,
but with a PROVEN set of two scripts (that I used to write this posting)
I get no connection.  Mgetty sees my linux client as a standard dialin,
and doesn't fire off AutoPPP as defined in  

  It's such a mystery that win95 and NT work, and Linux can't do it.  My
NT nerds at work are really breaking my
chops bad, so any help to get this working will allow me to smush linux
in their faces but good.

I've tried several options and configs on the client and server end,
with no success.  If anyone is successfully accomplishing this between
two linux boxes, please privilege me with the config files, or if you're
a guru, privilege me with your advice.  FAQ / HOWTO served no help.  I
surfed for three days before I decided to waste everyones resources.

I really need help.


freddy wissing

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